About Us

Professional photographers and entrepreneurs  –   this mother/daughter duo (Natalie A.K.A Hen & Kiera A.K.A Chick)

have brought their individual works and styles together to bring you

Hen & Chick Studios.

What first started out as a photo studio, Hen & Chick has spread its feathers into a retail shop and incubator of small Canadian businesses.

We scout out handmade goods from coast to coast and bring them right to you.  Located next to the farmers market – we also support local talent that is not already found at the market.

“I would have never guessed I would be running a store with my Mom, but we carried to this point quite effortlessly and it is so much fun.” -Kiera

“We always strive to keep things fresh, we get bored easily!” -Natalie

Come check us out and see what we have created right here in Saskatoon!

Find Kieras individual work here: www.kierastevenson.com
Find Natalies individual work here: www.natalielischka.com